A Summer Solstice Event

  • The Garland 4222 Vineland Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 91602 United States
Bashar in Los Angeles June 2017 Event

Event Times: Friday 7:30pm - 10pm      Saturday 7:30pm - 10pm      Sunday 11am - 1:30pm

Friday (6/16): "As Above, So Below" Bashar explains how the fundamental energy templates of non-physical reality manifest into physical matter, and how they lay a foundation for what happens in physical reality. 

Saturday (6/17): "The Triad Mind" Bashar discusses how the heart mind, the head mind, and the higher mind work in concert together and how they connect to the principle of acting on your excitement.

Sunday (6/18): “Nature’s Social Network” Explore with Bashar the connections that exist within nature, how different forms of consciousness in nature communicate with one another, and how you can connect with them.

Includes a "HOLOTOPE" Guided Meditation, a Unique Inter-dimensional Experience of Light, Color and Sound Designed to Crystalize and Integrate Your New Understanding.

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